Dear Shipmates,
At the 84th National Convention of the NCUSA I was honored to be installed as your National Commandant for the 2022 to 2023 Cruise.

I would like to congratulate last year's officers for an outstanding job and to all our Committee Chairs for a job well done.
By now you’ve all received a letter about our “500 New Members in 2022” Membership drive. Remember all you have to do is keep asking. They are out there... It’s up to each of us to help grow Navy Club with NEW Members.

One additional goal we discussed, at Convention, for the coming 2022 Cruise is Communications. Not only among your National Staff, but our Squadrons, and Ships. Commanders if you receive a request for participation, or information, please respond. With that said please let our Quarterdeck Chairman know what your Ship is doing regarding Fund Raising, Community Programs, and Projects. Another Ship may need an idea - so let us all know what your Ship is doing.

Have you as Commander appointed a member to be your Ships “Communication Officer”, to contact the local News Media – Radio – Television? Start letting your community know what you’re doing... Maybe we’ll stop hearing “Navy Club? - Never Heard of it!” You might consider appointing a New Member – Give them something to do, besides attend meetings. You may be surprised and gain New Members in the process.

With that said, I am looking forward to serving each of you as your National Commandant.
Please remember our Auxiliary needs our support. If you do not have an Auxiliary Unit. Please help start one!

My “Navy Adventure” was the best thing to happen to this 19-year-old kid from Noblesville, Indiana – A Gator Sailor and Proud of It.

Fair Winds,
Ron Wilson, NCUSA / NC