Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace

NavyClubLogo 1TThe emblem of the Navy Club of the United States of America is a ship's wheel, superimposed upon crossed anchors. In the center is the world, surmounted by the American eagle with wings outstretched protectively. These symbols, you will readily recognize, including parts of the emblem of the three great organizations with which each of us has served - - the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. We are bonded together to further, encourage, promote and maintain comradeship among our members - - - a comradeship that was held firmly by the anchors of friendship during the great wars and peace.

We have pledged ourselves to revere, honor and perpetuate the memory of our departed shipmates. With a firm grasp upon the ship's wheel of memory we will hold our course throughout the years, never forgetting those shipmates who have stood their last watch on earth and have gone on eternal liberty. It is our aim to ever promote and encourage further public interest in the Navy, and the world in our emblem signifies the scope of our endeavors. It shall be our purpose to do everything in our power to insure that the nations of the earth know and respect our Navy and the men of the seafaring forces that serve under the Stars and Stripes.

And as the great eagle sits vigilantly atop the globe, his talons protectively embracing it, so shall we, as shipmates in the Navy Club of the United States of America be ever vigilant, ever ready to uphold and protect the spirit and ideals of our Navy, our Marines and our Coast Guard.