Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace


It's hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close.tosh1
To start things off I want thank my 2017-2018 National Staff for supporting me during these past several months.  I want to welcome two of our newest members to NCUSA National Staff.  PNC David Myers; Navy Club of USS OHIO Ship #726; Two Year Trustee and Brian Spangler; Navy Club of Lake Ontario Ship #1812 our new National Membership Database Officer.  I proudly appointed both and they were recently approved by National Staff.
A special thank you goes out to PNC David Myers and Ship #726 for hosting September 9, 2017 National Staff Meeting in Van Wert, OH.  The club was well represented and their hospitality greatly appreciated! 
As always, I’m a firm believer in communicating and increasing our membership.  There is a lot of talent amongst us.  Therefore; I expect for all of to use these talents to the best of our capabilities including me.  I cannot do this alone therefore;I need your support as well.

PNC Russ Alsteen; Navy Club of Green Bay, Ship #18, Two Year Trustee National Staff recently passed away.  He was truly a gentleman, brilliant shipmate and mentored a lot of our club members over the years including myself.  I was glad to have served with Russ and he was a pleasure to have had on our staff. A very special thank you goes out PNC/JAG Archie Gainey, PNC/PSC Auxiliary Judy Gainey and Darryl Driscoll, WI Squadron Commander, Fond du Lac Ship #75 for being in attendance at his funeral in my absence.  BRAVO ZULU -  

Our next National Staff Meeting and Recruiter of the Year Luncheon will be in Washington, DC.  And the dates are January 24 and 25, 2018 respectively.  Then on April 12, 13, 2018 respectively will be our Great Lakes Day, Great Lakes, IL.  For those who have not been attendance to observe the Passing and Reviewing Graduation from the dais, you are in for aextraordinary event.  And our last NCUSA National Convention for 2017-2018 for this cruise will be on June 14, 15and 16, 2018 in Pottsville, PA hosted by Ship #1491.  Additional information will be forthcoming.     
In closing, I want to wish everybody and their families a Happy Thanksgiving Day, Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 New Year!  I'm really excited about 2018 because, I think this great organization is truly headed north!   

GO NCUSA!     
Toshio D. Mills