Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace


National Executive Secretary

 Robert Currier

83 Close Hollow Dr
Hamlin, NY, 14464

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(585) 967-4935


2019-2020 Cruise National NCUSA Officers

Commandant- Bruce Hallam

4221 S 3rd Street, Springfield IL 62703

Sr. Executive Officer- Charlie Mills

Jr. Executive Officer- Ron Wilson

Paymaster- Cathy Burrows

Chaplain- Tom Heffran

Historian- Walter Porter

Master -at-Arms- Phil Parsons

National Executive Secretary- Bob Currier

Trustee 3 Year-PNC Cecil Krick

Trustee 2Year- PNC OPEN

Trustee 1 Year- PNC Eugene Koelker

Immediate Past Commandant- Toshio Mills

Judge Advocate- Bob Laughlin

Coast Guard Liaison- Phil Parsons

Great Lakes Day Chair- Eugene Koelker

Finance Committee Chair- Ron Wilson

Public Information Officer- Jim Zeszutek

Quarterdeck Committee Chair- Walter Porter

Veterans Affairs Officer- OPEN

National Fisher House- Open

National Auxiliary Liaison- Bruce Hallam

Membership Data Base- Bob Currier