Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace

 We were the first National Service Organization Chartered by an Act of Congress to exclusively represent the WATERBORNE SERVICES. To give you, as an active member or former sea service veteran, an opportunity to voice your opinions in matters of National Defense, particularly with respect to the strength and well-being of the UNITED STATES NAVY. 

Your membership would give NCUSA the added impetus in total members necessary to voice opinions and objectives to our Congress with regards to their philosophies and actions on MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY, COMPENSATIONS, and RETIREMENT FORMULAS. NCUSA as a member of the secretary of the Navy's NAVY-MARINE CORPS COUNCIL, composed of 18 Navy oriented organizations, can better serve the Council's objectives by and through a large membership of its own. 

You could be an active participant involving our continuous assistance to the NAVY RECRUITING COMMAND, to insure a steady flow of quality young men and women into our Navy and Marine Corps, necessary to operate and man our Ships and Stations. To join together in comradeship to honor those who serve our Country well in the SEABORNE SERVICES, both past and present.